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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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military strike in syria a local expert discussed what the attack could mean for the you had, moving forward. plus this... >> reporter: a letter carrier reportedly attacked by a dog while on the job last week is speaking out. i'm anita oh in hat blow next and what the postal service is doing to protect its workers. it ace chilly, wind friday in philadelphia but weekend has better news. we have temperatures on the rise. we will tell you when we could approach 80 degrees and when the sun will finally return. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. well well, he grabbed her and drug her to the window and took off. >> here's is what happening at 6:00 a disturbing difficulties corruption of the moment a young girl was snatched up, a delaware street, tonight we are learning horror did not end right there. officers say she was then
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sexually assaulted by her captor before being let go. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole blur in for jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in wilmington where police are issuing a warning as they hunt for the child predator, alycia >> reporter: ukee and nicole, authorities are visibly shaken at a news conference earlier when they had to tell us the four year-old girl was in fact sexually assaulted during two hours she was with her kidnapper. police believe she was left in this park. now they are on the hunt on the heartless monster who took her but they will need community's help to catch him. police in new castle county are looking for a child abduct or one who attacked a little girl, late last night. >> every member of new castle county police department, is committed to solving and apprehending this heartless monster. >> reporter: last night a four year-old girl was abduct here on sugar plum court just outside her home.
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>> it was quick, very quick. >> reporter: witnesses and police say little girl was riding bikes with half dozen other children when she was snatched by a man in the dark sedan. her friend, youngest just seven years old, oldest 11 tried to save her. >> one of the or little girls went running after him, and she was called out for help. >> reporter: entire community sprung into action looking for the four year-old. around 8:45 she was seen in wilmington walking near ban ning park with very little clothes on. police say in the two hours that she was abduct, she was sexually assaulted. >> no one has a right to violate anyone but you reach all new low level when you want to take advantage of the child. >> reporter: authorities are hoping for help in finding the four year-old attacker, finding him as a white or hispanic man, driving with very tinted windows. >> we recognize that is not a
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lot to go on but we're small details such as that as been enough. >> reporter: police are asking anyone, again who saw something suspicious to contact police in new castle county. this is reminding parents right now is a time to be hyper vigilant do not let your children outside, playing by themselves, make sure you are watching them at all times and if you do see something sus fish us from here on out, do not hesitate to call the authorities. reporting live from new castle county, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, tonight, many are wondering what is next? after president trump's strike on a syrian air base. reports that are 58 of the 59 tomahawk missiles hit their targets in the overnight attack. the missle strike is in response to the syrian regime 's use of chemical weapons earlier this week. many world leaders have rallied around the u.s. after the response. however, russia supports the syrian government and denounced the u.s. military action. >> "eyewitness news" at philadelphia city hall tonight for a protest those taking
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part said they want to stop what they call, the trump administration's wares lacing, and a u.s. backed war against syrian people, similar protests are taking place in another cities as well. many syrians we spoke with hope that the air strikes help to bring peace to their nation at war, our greg argos is in our satellite center right now with more from one expert who says in an unstable region like syria, anything is possible, greg? >> reporter: ukee, michael horwitz is a penn political science professor whose expertise in the use of military force. he says that the u.s. air strike against syrian airfield could lead to more stability in the region or it could lead to more u.s. involvement and biggeres lacing. u.s. air strike againstal shay rat airfield could be a turning point in the six year civil war which has killed thousandsness that country. >> it is possible that this strike by you had is punch cross the nose that convince
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is a sad to back down and try to treat his people more responsibly. >> reporter: u penn science professor michael horwitz say anything is possible in an unstable region. on the other hand it is also possible that assad and russia will escalate, that they will calculate that the you had might not go further, they will continue their campaign against people of syria. >> reporter: thursday u.s. shot 59 tomahawks hawk cruise missiles destroying airfield where bashar al-assad is said to have launched a chemical attack which killed dozens of innocent syrians. >> thinks beginning of the something larger. >> the cruise missle strike by the united states against syria could be seen as the first step in escalating u.s. involvement in syria. >> reporter: horwitz say russia's involvement in the region, also muddies the water especially if they decide to bolster their air defense systems as a result of the u.s. missle strike if russia deploys more air defense is it won't make future attack, a
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lot harder but it could complicate the war against isis. >> reporter: it is unclear exactly what the united states next step is, in this conflict but nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to the u.n., did say quote, that the u.s. is willing to do more in a speech to the u.n. about u.s./syrian air strike. live from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime local politician from his both side of the aisle are responding to the air strike in syria, we caught up with both republicans and democrats for their thoughts on the attack. >> gassing of their own students despite any measurement is such an outrageous act. i think the president did an appropriate response and sent a very clear message that we as a nation more importantly we as a world are not going to put up with such outrageous and deadly consequences. >> republican congressman brian fitzpatrick also responded in a statement, saying in part, our nation's
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response to syria was both measured in its scope and relevant in its target. we must unite as a nation against egregious violations of human rights and not sit idlely by while a brutal dictator takes lives of innocent citizens, including children, through the use of banned chemical weapons. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the syria strike. you can track all updates here on "eyewitness news" and on our web site at cbs senate made history today, judge neil gorsuch is officially joining the nation 's highest court. >> nomination of neil m gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> through have it, senate confirmed neil gorsuch to the supreme court filling seat vacate by late justice antonin scale y final vote tally was 54-45. judge gorsuch will be sworn in as 101st supreme court justice
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monday morning. police are looking for two men, wanted in the armed robbery of two 7-eleven stores as seen in this surveillance video the suspects entered neshaminy boulevard 7-eleven on thursday at 1:00 in the morning and robbed a customer and employee at gunpoint. then two men with the same description, were seen outside 7-eleven at street road at windsor drive but they didn't go in. police say that men matching the description, then robbed a 7-eleven in warminster. if you have any information please contact the bend salem police. now an update on the story we first told you about earlier this week, the reward is up to $5,000 for information, on a kitten discovered in a trash bag, doused in gasoline. two sanitation workers in reading found that kitten on tuesday, rushing the cats to the humane society after hearing cries for help, kitten has been named miracle macy for next few weeks macy will continue treatment and eventually be put up for adoption.
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well, national dog bite prevention week kicks off sunday coming at a time when number of the reported dog attacks on postal carriers is highest it has been in decade, one letter carrier tells "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh a dog to tacked him just last week. she explains what the postal service is doing to protect its workers. >> reporter: this is a routine jay solomon has followed for 19 years. as a letter carrier for the united states postal service in hatboro. but last week for third time in his career, he said a dog attacked him on the job. >> i was upset about the whole thing. >> reporter: especially because this is a problem postal service says is growing philadelphia ranked 14th on the nationwide list of the number of dog attacks on postal carriers in 2016. while that is less in the year before in our city those numbers nationwide are highest in three decade. >> specifically record show 6,755 reported dog attacks and
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by the, by postal employees in 2016, even though postal service trains workers to handle these types of incidents. >> we are trying to keep a satchel, we have dog repellant , that we use as well >> reporter: but there are times you never know if the dog will go after someone. >> reporter: neighbor ann, a former postal service worker herself says she takes extra precaution was her dog. >> would i make sure it was pend up, grab a hold of their collar, make sure they don't cause any harm to anybody. >> when the mailman is coming and keep an eye on your animals. >> reporter: in hatboro, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" let's talk sports now. baseball's back in south philadelphia. phillies open up their home schedule with the tough task. >> washington nationals are in town and sports director don bellies live at the ballpark, hi there, don. >> washington nationals were really good last year.
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it turns out they are really good this year. we had 43,000 at the ballpark. people filtering out here because phillies were getting blown out seven to nothing. but they just had a big inning and they are on the come back trail and we will have those details for you when we come back later in sports, that is situation here, at citizens bank park, back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, db see new a bit phillies are back and so is biden, the vice-president returns to the university of delaware what he had to say to students at his alma matter. showing students the ropes , where the pros were giving a glimpse of the day in the life of an emergency responders, kate. it is a cold, cloudy day outside right now but once this storm gets out of here we could ab approaching 80 by next week. i'll tell you what the warmest day in the nice warm sunny stretch will be when we come back.
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>> the theme was biden's back in newark today. biden and student body celebrated the official launch of the non-partisan biden institute of public policy at the university. it will focus on economic reform and environmental sustain ability, criminal justice and civil rights. >> the whole purpose of this is to engage all of you, to engage the community in the work of the day. i'm looking forward took on campus when you see me walking down campus don't pretend you don't know me, say hi. >> biden was a frequent visitor to the university of delaware, over the years, and he has spoken at four commencement ceremonies. students in west chester university are giving back to celebrate their 15th president upcoming inauguration. >> students are collecting food from all around campus by rolling food bins from place to place. all of the food collected will go to the chester county food bank and university's new
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resource pant try for students in need. university enrolled about 30 students who are home less and 10 percent of chester county resident experience food. nothing replaces hand on experience when you are learning to save a life. >> today was so important for students at delaware county emergency services training center, during the day, in the life of an emergency responders, exercise students filled rolls of the fire fighters, police, emt as they responded to scenarios in, various locations, on the ground. >> why is it important? because students need to get the realization of what it is like in these professions, they are making this consideration and thing that emergency and protective services, whether it is law, fire, e ms, these may be the that is last thing these people look at. >> delaware county intermediate unit enrolls 1,000 students in the delaware county technical schools and training center is one of the highest performing career and
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technical centers in the state kate joins with us our forecast. cool today but spring will be kick nothing big time. >> yes, spring has sprung next week. >> yes. >> usage of that phrase. >> it is a beautiful seven day >> it is. >> i was marvels over how lovely it was, pathing myself on the back. >> everybody smiling. >> exactly. >> there is no pull in the forecast but did like it quite a bit, beautiful looking forecast once we get through tonight. lets look outside, out to bethlehem where still seeing included cover, flags are flying, it is brisk, chilly afternoon, a lot of cloud cover as our system moves out. we are seeing that, influence and same area of low pressure that moved through yesterday with the storms, rain, today this cloud and showers once storm gets out of here we will clear out pretty nicely. tomorrow looks like a full day of sunshine. we are showing you that system back edge of snowfall, just a
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few showers drifting through philadelphia area most of those started to clear into portions of new jersey. they are very light. couple rain drops on the windshield and that is bit. then overnight we will see those cloud break, and, lots of sunshine on the way. it is not a two day stretch of sun before another storm comes in. we have an extended stretch of the pretty dry, quiet weather, just what we need in the wake of the three major rain storms in the past week and a half or so. current wind very strong out of the west northwest. these are not even gusts but sustain wind right now in the 20 to 25 miles an hour range. definitely a blustery afternoon with the wind here's what it feels like right now. temperatures in the 40's but feels like 38 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 34 in reading. twenty-one mount pocono. if you have plans for friday night, heading out to dinner, outside, bundle up, feeling like a winter evening outside with temperatures at lee wind chills in the 30's right now. what to expect for your
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saturday. chilly start, out and about early tomorrow morning if you have kid baseball, soccer, things like that in the a wash out like last saturday, chilly morning last saturday on the heels of the storm, everything was soggy, chilly morning but dry lots of sunshine, gusty breeze though and it will make it feel on the cool side even though temperatures will be near average, then we will start to rise more. our average high is 61. tomorrow we will fall a degrees or two short, back above average sunday and sky rockets next week, pinnacle tuesday with many spots making a run at 80 before we head back above average but dropping into wednesday and thursday of next week. cloud breaking, 37 degrees, chilly night, chilly start to saturday. in the afternoon lots of sun, seasonal but windy, up to 30 miles an hour. that will make it feel chilly in the afternoon. can't complain after a day like today. sunday beautiful 67 degrees with sunshine if you like it warmer we have highs in the 70
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's, monday and tuesday, and then tuesday i was waffling 79 or 80. i'm in the sure we will hit it but we have a chance to hit it on tuesday and then gets cooler by end of next week and i'll give you quick preview looking at easter weekend it does look dry for now and may warm backup, still far away but no major storms on the radar at lee just yet. hh. >> seventy-nine or 80. >> i'm okay with the other one of the options. we will be fine. >> having waffles, too waffling, i'm sorry i thought we were having waffles you shouldn't stay with two pregnant woman. >> big day in south philadelphia sports director don bell at the ball york, db speaking of warming up phillies starting here home opener ice cold with the nationals but they are rallying right now, we are approaching the ninth inning we will have an update for you plus meet the brand new philadelphia eagles this is tim journeyan planning to play
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alongside fletcher cox, hear from him when we come back in
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well, don's here to start out were 43,000 fans packed citizens bank park, baseball is back a lot of people that includes sports director done didn't bell, who is in south philadelphia for phillies home opener. >> yeah guys 43,000, sellout crowd, very good crowd here considering weather, it was cold. felt like an eagles game in the middle of november. the phillies they fell down early and he fell hard. seven to nothing in this game before you could blink. then all of a sudden within last couple innings they are making a rally. early on jason werth with the three run home run and phillies putting on four runs in the last few innings and hoping to come back here, in this game. new lets talk about the phillies, phillies, excuse me, flyers and sixers. both of them have the night
6:25 pm
off, but the flyers, tomorrow, in a matinee will host columbus blue jackets and sixers will take on milwaukee bucks. now lets talk about the philadelphia eagles down at novacare complex, the new defensive tackle jim journeyg an playing alongside fletcher cox and be a starter. he was acquired in exchange for two, third round picks. so, he is excited. once again to play with the all pro. >> people will double, and cause attention and when you get attention and double teams , you are free on the other side. i'm pretty confident i can win , one on one, i feel comfortable i can beat two people sometimes. i think we will compliment each other. >> college hoops, competition has gotten tougher for fran dunphy, temple owls, wichita state joined american athletic conference starting in july, shockers basketball team has been a powerhouse in the
6:26 pm
missouri valley conference, and they have made six consecutive tournament, including the schools first final four appearance in 2013. meanwhile back here at citizens bank park phillies hoping to mount a rally here and go to two-two on the season. they trail by three runs in the ninth we will have high lies for you at 11:00. that is story from the bank i'm don bell, back to you in the studio. >> boys of summer are back. >> yes, thanks, db appreciate it. when we come back fog for free where they were shopping for stylish dresses. >> and why it comes in the nick of time.
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it is almost promises on and finally that perfect dress is high on the list of many this time of the year. >> "eyewitness news" at philadelphia school district headquarters today for their 2017 red carpet glam event, district gave away 500 new and gently used prom dresses to any junior or senior who needed one. students were also able to choose for shoes and handbags. >> great time. >> do you remember your prom. >> how could i forget. >> great time good time. >> top hat, kaine. >> really. >> yes. >> that is a look. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. >> it is sharp. >> up next, "cbs evening news" , take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: missiles with a message. >> united states will no longer wait for assad to use develops without any consequences. >> we cannot in one breath speak of protecting syrian babies and in the next close america's doors to them. >> pelley: also tonight, the 14-month battle to fill a supreme court vacancy is over. >> confirmed. >> pelley: but the fallout is just beginning. terrorists again turn a speeding truck into a weapon of maz destruction, this time in stockholm. and steve hartman. eugene yoon sets out to get a paralyzed man to


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